How to Choose Satellites

There are two types of satellite Internet: unilateral and bilateral. In the two-way transmission and reception take place via satellite. This option is very expensive and used primarily in very large companies. For example, about ten thousand have. E. All equipment and licenses and more than two hundred dollars a month for the connection itself. Two-way satellite Internet access at a single radio transmission. At a time when you make any request to the network, your transmit station sends it to the satellite via queries on the satellite request to the server provider and forwarded to the Internet.

The answer comes to your the computer in reverse order. Through the use of ip accelerators incoming data transfer rate up to 10 Mbps. In practice, the use of Internet resources, can not see the difference between "ground" and "Two-way satellite" providers. Connecting the two-satellite Internet, you will be able to fully utilize all the services and resources of the Internet at any point in the satellite's coverage area. Many selected one-way satellite Internet, it is very economical and easy to connect.

Installation of satellite Internet – the process is not complicated. You only need to purchase a DVB-card (receiving device) and satellite plate. The subscription fee will amount to no more than $ 35 a set with a plate and the device will cost around two hundred dollars. One-way satellite Internet access is carried out simultaneously on two channels of transmission data. The first channel is called channel requests or ground, the second – the channel responses or satellite. When you make any request for Internet access, he first sent to the server via the satellite provider's channel requests on the isp server forwards the request to the Internet and to receive an answer, transfers it to your computer through the channel responses. In practice, seen a slight difference between terrestrial and satellite providers and is it in opening speed of WEB-sites. As a rule, WEB-page begins to appear with a delay of 1-2 seconds – this is typical for a ground service provider, and when opening a satellite provider will have to wait 5-6 seconds before it is complete appearance. When downloading large amounts of information differences are not noticeable. Problems can arise when sending large amounts of information, because it uses a terrestrial link, and therefore should assess in advance the amount of outbound traffic and to choose the right channel requests. Our company provides services such as: satellite Internet connection, configuration and maintenance of both unilateral and bilateral satellite Internet. In Our staff are only certified professionals. For all network equipment, we give a warranty period service twelve months.