Healthy Heart

For self help with plant preparations man is today in the hectic everyday life more and more attacks from the environment damaged in the increasingly exposed: toxins and pollutants from the air, water and food, increased ultraviolet radiation and electro-smog, smoking and drug abuse, noise, acidification and unhealthy obesity, viral load, as well as physical and emotional stress due to increasing loads increased. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. Where is long healthy and our all dream stay mentally fit. But nothing comes from nothing. You have to create the foundations already allows you to enjoy life in a few years yet to the fullest because the above factors combined with a poor diet cause the increased production of aggressive compounds in the body, the so-called free radicals”. At a young age the organism can sit normally against these pressures and Verschlackungen still quite well to the military. However undermine the burden and are formed in the body more free radicals, as the “Body can neutralize, comes to oxidative stress”. The cells of the body are damaged thereby sustainably and lose their functionality in the course of this continuing creeping process sometime. All parts of the body can be equally affected: muscles and all the institutions, but also the brain, the nerve centre of the body.

Prevent can this oxidative stress in part by a sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements with fresh, natural food left. As a result many antioxidant substances (antioxidants) are introduced, which assist the body in fighting free radicals. Harmoniously coordinated dietary supplements that contain a meaningful combination of active ingredients to become particularly well metabolized by the body form a more effective component. While it has proved useful, to assist the body in two ways: creating regeneration energy through the supply of bioactive nutrients, which vitalize the body Support the body through regulation energy, disposal of waste products to strengthen the entire defense system (detoxification) this improves the metabolism, slag loosen up, environmental toxins are neutralized, the acid base balance to normal, mineral substance deposits be refilled and thus activates the self-healing powers. The positive implications of this are: remineralization, protection against free radicals, revitalization and regeneration, firmer connective tissue, more youthful appearance, more harmony, vitality and fitness health heart! The Austrian company evolution International has a care program”developed. The regeneration energy is regulated by the supply of 42 bioactive nutrients in meaningful composition: floral 120. The regulation energy is through the spagyric fresh vegetable product (organic) created the Quinta Essentia 21.

A herbal essence of 21 hand-picked crops, much to the daily support of the program and Helps digestion processes in the body and thus makes a valuable contribution to more management, well-being and health. Press contact: Evolution international distributor Gudrun Anders Ferber 11, 52070 Aachen Tel.: +49-(0) 241 70 14 7 21 fax: +49-(0) 241 44 65 66 8 email: website: short info about evolution international: the Austrian company evolution offers many high quality products for health, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle in addition to anti-aging strategies. Program such as herbal essences, Aloe Vera, vitamins and vital substance preparations, products from the sea, as well as products for the screening of geopathic interference fields products for weight loss and spagyric cosmetic are here as well.