Haggard Skin

One of the components most important personality is our face. However an eloquent gesture usually advance and accentuate little encouraging wrinkles that bind to their own aging. A face cosmetic surgery can help restore a more youthful facial contour. The facial aging process manifests itself by a series of skin changes, such as atrophy of the dermis by the decrease in the fat layer that supports and fills in the skin of the face, the destruction of elastic fibers and loss of function of the sebaceous glands, which gives an aspect of drying to the skin. These alterations linked to the effect of gravity, leading to a progressive skin flaccidity, which is affecting the entire face and giving it a tired and Haggard appearance. Like the rest of a female body that sometimes you need interventions as such recovery increases of breasts or hips among others. We are all subject to alterations caused by aging as to those produced by the own inheritance, although there are other factors that they can accelerate or delay that process: the general State of health, the care that we have we applied, exposure to the Sun, muscle tone, nutrition, fluctuations in weight and the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. The entire surface of the face and neck is treated with surgery aesthetics of face or facelift procedure, solves the fall of eyebrows, eliminates the appearance of tiredness and sadness in the face and the smoothness of the skin recovers although, of course, nor we be naive and believe that the operating room through the aesthetic surgeries makes miracles.

Starting at age 40 can be candidate for an aesthetic surgery of face with full guarantees of success. One of the advantages offered by face surgery is also that it is an operation that can be repeated as many times as you want the patient throughout his life. The first visit to the surgeon in this first interview the surgeon will evaluate the skin elasticity, stretch it upwards or backwards to check how it looks better the patient and assess whether It is appropriate to perform some surgery additional aesthetic (aesthetic eyelid surgery, surgery of neck or eyebrows rise) given that sometimes intervene only part of the face gives rise to contrasts that makes then the rest look even worse, as in the interventions of the surgery for Burns, because it is difficult to return the original figure of the face after an accident of this kind, depending on the severity obviously. It is important to define the buccal contour improvement, since it is an area that should be stretched without cause no deformation of the mouth. On the other hand there are mouths that have special characteristics that make the commissure of lips, sinking what can not be arranged through a stretch. Also in the first interview before making a cosmetic surgery the surgeon will check if you need to find support bone in the jaw or find types of implants cheek to keep the soft tissues to be placed back in its original place there more years. Aesthetic face surgery Restores the contour of this last eliminating sagging and placing the muscles in place, but remember you don’t delete fine wrinkles of the skin. Of so if you want to eliminate them, especially those that appear on the upper lip, will need to undergo a peeling or a laser.