Graphic Displays

Graphic led display – this versatile display, which allows for a graphical display (including video screen) and the ticker symbol or sign. led display has a homogeneous structure, consisting of picture elements – pixels. Each pixel of the display consists of one or more high-brightness LEDs. If a monochrome display, a pixel is composed of one or more LEDs of one color in a color display (two-tone, full-color), each pixel is composed of LEDs of different colors. In full-color display pixel is composed of LEDs of red, green, blue and sometimes white.

Pixels are usually located on the printed circuit board, several of these cards made a graphic display module. Module except the cards with pixel contains a power supply and a controller module (single or multiple), and may also contain various technical solutions to take the heat generated in the module. The module has a single constructive, providing protection for e-filling of the module from external influences. Modules of the electronic scoreboard are fixed on a single frame, which in addition to purely structural problem, provides additional protection modules from external influences and, in addition, ventilation for the removal of heat evolved modules. To led display panel shows image, graphic display has a main controller. The main display controller stores the image file in a compressed or uncompressed form, forms in his mind the picture on the scoreboard, divides it into pieces and distributed controllers modules to display. The more rapid the image (eg, video) and the more gradations of color has a scoreboard, the more powerful of a main controller, the bigger and more powerful should be the module's controller.