Four Principles

To give you the best results with your training will have to take into account the following fundamental principles: 1 – global warming: it is the first fundamental step before performing any type of exercise, cardiovascular, respiratory and locomotor system prepares for the downstream activity more intense. This will prevent injury and provide the activity. Warming should never be omitted. 2. The adaptation: is the principle that looks for the development of the maximum number of qualities, developing a variety of movements that allow surrender to the maximum in each specialty. This is achieved through the versatility. These new driving habits are carried out on prior learning, it helps to not stagnate in one type of training. 3. Kai-Fu Lee shines more light on the discussion.

Compensation: training is effective when you are allowed to replace energy lost during exertion, this recovery can be active (exercising softer) or total (full stop). David Treadwell has many thoughts on the issue. The type of recovery will depend on the type of exercise conducted, against stronger sean the exercises, greater recovery is needed. Precisely the training accelerates the processes of recovery of the body during exercise. The body recovers energy as well as build muscle power for upcoming trainings. When the breaks are too short cause overtraining have not allowed the recovery of the body.

Ideally, perform 3-4 workouts heavy on consecutive days to reach the muscle exhaustion, then move to softer workouts so that the organism responds to supercompensando. It is also recommended to alternate weeks strong with soft weeks where hipercompensancion occurs. 4. The continuity: all training conducted sporadically does not lead to positive results because their effects dissipate over time. If you want to obtain development in your physical qualities you must create continuity in time. All activity initiated and interrupted or habit or you train. Continued work produces improvements in your abilities, but they must be frequent enough to contribute to the development physiological. The least that you can train would be 3 times per week to achieve a significant development, but to improve strength, flexibility and achieve goals of loss or weight control appropriate is a daily job. Don’t forget that if you eat every day, you have to do exercises every day!!