Finnish Doors

Variety of manufacturers, manufacturers, vendors doors scary man in the street. Firstly, it is difficult among all the wealth of choice to pick exactly what you need, and secondly, the buyer often does not know himself what he needed. But sooner or later the choice of the average buyer stops at the Finnish doors. Finnish climate, unlike the Italian, in many ways similar to Russian, so it is "taking root" in Russia in the Finnish doors. Plus, an automated, honed over decades, a Finnish technology for manufacturing doors, whether it is the Finnish entry doors or interior, gives the output quality comparable to the ideal.

Finnish manufacturers produce all sorts of doors you want the appointment. And for every door included "field conditions". For example, the Finnish sauna doors have high moisture resistance and an interesting design – as with glass or without. Frosted glass in interior doors for the sauna gives the sacrament subtext of eroticism, on the other hand, if the doors of spas, which soared in the characters of the film "Peculiarities of National Hunting" stood a glass, then Mihalich would not have got on head billet instead wandered "to spark" the bear, and the writers would have had to invent a different story. Another example – the Finnish fire doors. In addition to capital characteristics, fire doors are a number of features unique to this type of door.

Doors, wooden fire have also increased soundproofing and noise-absorbing. Each door is subject to compulsory certification. Wooden doors withstand up to 30 minutes of continuous fire, which will allow to evacuate even the most one-track. Fire doors, made of metal or composite fire doors (metal-wood) have a higher limit fire. Even specialists fire inspector recommends installing such doors in public institutions such as kindergartens, schools, hotels, manufacturing with high fire safety requirements. You can not bypass the party and the office door, so Next> example of the diversity and variety stores – entrance doors. The tree, which serves the basic material for manufacturing of office doors, painted white or laminated. Classical white Finnish doors, somewhere even cooler, does not relax office workers. Office door – door-Director-to-door in the back room, made the same way according to his official position. For example, the door may be the director of fire and soundproof, and the door to the bathroom sure has a water-resistant characteristics. Every Finnish door marked at the factory, so fake you can see at once. When using materials article link to a site. required.