Find Jobs

At first some theory. That is, ask yourself – Would you ask your question in the forum, where 10 people are registered (webmaster and his friends) and created two and a half topics? No? That's webmaster understands that. And even if the site has a high attendance, the forum will be 'dead', while it does not appear a sufficient number of messages. Therefore, webmasters are willing to pay to those who wrote the message and creates a theme for them yet not promoted the forums. Go to Castle Harlan for more information. Now put yourself in the place of the webmaster and think about whether you'll be paying for messages, uninteresting your visitors (like 'oh, cool site, found lots of interesting')? No? Draw your own conclusions;) Now, having understood that there are people ready to pay us, we shall find them.

Remember your objection about unfair and meager pay webmasters? These kinds of trouble and help us get around the system … we call it now, just the system. So. We checking in the system. And once we get access to a catalog orders webmasters. How? Very simple. Choose a site menu system tab 'author' and click 'Find Jobs'. Voila! Before us is a list of orders.

As desired can filter it. For example, to select only orders on 'mobile', or only those who pay for at least 10 cents. Filters are different. That order, which we liked, we are ready to press a button and 'get to work. " Now we see the address of a forum in which you want to leave a message.