Extreme Hiphop Music

May 26, 2007 we expect real test. Testing will be our feelings and emotions – is coming festival freemotion street fest. As part of this grand event organizers gathered representatives of the most spectacular destinations modern street art, such as scratching, freestyle, graffiti, street dance and street fashion. Participants will not only show the master-classes, but also compete among themselves in creativity and original approach to his craft. Best of the best in their category will receive tangible awards in the amount of three thousand conventional units. And when the winners will be announced and the intrigue of the day will be revealed, the event will grow into a grand dance party with the team of artists music label Godskitchen.

On this day in Moscow will perform a veteran of electronic music and monsters planetary scale – Chris Lake and Pete Tong, whose names are known to party-goers around the world. Before their performance for the first time in the history of the club life of the capital on a specially designed platform will be a unique show featuring parkour and electronic drummers show, staged for the project jointly Mega label Godskitchen. This show will be the team 3RUN, consisting of respected traceurs from Europe, the famous drummer from Madrid's Pablo Guadelupe and fellow Argentinian Kaena Botto. Further information can be found at site phrase 'street culture' become a part of our everyday language. So now called all the manifestations of the younger generation, at odds with contemporary academic orthodoxy culture and art. Since the times of the hip-hop in the seventies of last century, street culture metropolis has grown strongly and significantly diversify. From the tool of protest do not agree with the official culture, she became one of its recognized alternative directions. In contrast to classical culture, peacefully seated at the podium of his greatness, and often shocking conceptualism, free art and culture of the city always truly had something to say.

Simple language understood by all present, and manifestos and calls relevant and socially acute. The city is always in motion, in search of diversity, creating new forms of creativity and activities. Dynamic metropolis residents aimed at developing and opening new horizons in the familiar rhythm of life. That's why the voice of the street culture is always relevant, full of innovative ideas, and often reflects Various trends in cities over the next decade. In this age of information technology media, arts, too, becomes interactive – modern artist canvas sometimes serve as walls of houses and the audience become bystanders. In contrast to classical art, culture, street turns the spectator into a participant and a hero, which is drawn and to whom it is dedicated. She is not constrained beyond the exhibition halls, it all around us, in every street of our city. Reflecting the realities of contemporary urban culture, like the whimsical mirror reveals our life and reveals new facets of creative development. In contrast to the usual painting appeared graffiti with its social protests, the ballet has found its embodiment in the street stritdanse, the music took new forms, and fashion became another area – street fashion.