Euroset Business

I can say one thing: as in the 90's, and now you can build a business without specific investments, most importantly choose the right direction. Of course, you need to think globally, set ambitious targets (and rightly so), but if you want to create a federal network of audio-video home technology without adequate investment (tens of millions of dollars) began to develop from a small shop at 35 meters, you do not reach. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. If you are without sufficient means of open mobile showroom, you will initially lose such players as Euroset, Dixis and others. Why? Not because the owners of these networks smarter than you, but because they earned a certain status in the market, get their prices and bonuses for the goods they can easily open to 3 Salon Daily (According to Euroset), while closing a similar number (unofficial summary). Now a lot of vacant niches, to start using them, and most importantly – begin to deal with prospective business. It is extremely foolish to say: I will open a stall, make money and'll do something more serious. That will never happen. Small business, the so-called market or shovels remains so forever.

This does not mean that in this business You earn nothing (I do not know how much you want to make), this means that a business is subject to maximize the impact of external factors. What is a promising business? Take, for example, cleaning (Professional cleaning). A huge industry, growing quite rapidly in Russia (the growth of the market – 500% per year).