EMBRAPA Methodology

We can still mention the fact of that the TRIZ is directly related with the management of the innovation in the organizations, according to SAVRANSKY (1996), the market is the last and decisive instance of the innovation, therefore it can accept and to refuse what it is offered to it, as well as can reveal necessities not taken care of. Valley to remember that this manifestation is most of the time very subtle, being perceivable only to ' ' eyes and ouvidos' ' sensible of the methodologies used in the management of the organizations. 4,1 TRIZ methodology integrating action of management the globalizado world where we live does not allow us to be waiting that the things happen. She is necessary that company and government are prepared for the future. She is necessary to live the gift anticipating what it will go to happen with tomorrow. The technological prospection is a form that the countries and the companies of great transport use to foresee trends future e, through a technological strategy to be always to the front of its competitors or, in a simplista vision, the search to improve all tangible that in the fence. We notice, however, that the calls developed countries apiam ones to the others to remain themselves in the top and not to allow that the underdevelopeds reach to it.

However, we are very happy when discovering that Brazilian prospectar it is a good prospectivo program and that it has Brazilian companies that they develop excellent projects of technological prospection. The EMBRAPA is recognized world-wide for developing bold projects for the farming sector and comes raising the name of Brazil ' ' world afora' '. However, to have success in the research the use of an efficient methodology in the election of with priority subjects, so that is necessary the result is optimum possible. In this direction the TRIZ is presented as a methodology integrator, with focus in the innovation.