Electronic Literature

Of special note is a literary agency 'LEL' (Lel) created in July 2006 under the auspices of the publishing house Library-E-Literature, which deals with traditional for Ukraine, Russia-related issue: the copyright of contemporary Russian authors. What begins with a literary agent at the publisher. The first step is write a letter to the editor addressed to the Chief Editor, admin-editor Library-E-Literature, with a note in which Radel (do not put the book in the mail, your book will not be considered by the administrator), write a short description of your talented works up to 2500 characters with spaces. Send a letter. After that you will answer. Publisher Library-E-Literature. Library Electronic Literature help authors publish books, not only in Ukraine and Russia. Literary Agents lel considering all the work that the flat piece or excerpt does not always reflect the works, the author may mistakenly believe that it is given a fragment of the book's most valuable and interesting, view from the more objective. The project literary agency lel few clients (with different nationalities and living in different countries) who write in Russian. One male wrote a series of novels, the second – a graceful Women's psychological novel. The right to publish their books were immediately purchased in different countries. The secret of this success is due to the presence of a literary agent. Most large and well-known publishing houses should be established their offices of the Division of literary agencies. The sooner such transformations will take place, the sooner the book market in the former ussr, will be civilized and the reader can read the new works by contemporary authors. Literary editors in publishing houses can not always work litagentov, the editor is the person who edits, and does not promote the book. Literary Agents 'LEL' E-Library Literature, the receiving of books on these topics, modern literature, art, men's romance, women's book, economics, education, consulting, management, marketing, directories, books in medicine, architecture and painting, children's tales. Literary Agents 'LEL' Publishing Library-E-Literature believe that the writer must earn money, receive a worthy reward for their labor, let the readers vote with their money. Under auspices litagentov Lel held literary contests and many other activities. Despite the fact that Lei is a fantastic character who is not very carefully treated the Snow Maiden, I want to believe in something that does not litagenty abandoning his literature and his Russian-speaking authors. Actual assistance in the publication of books, and timely participation of the promotion of literary projects, namely that participation in the literary fate awaits the authors at contact the publisher Library-E-Literature. Smile you are going, creative success. Material prepared Admin-editor, part modern Library-E-Literature.