Elder Trader

Over the next few years there has been a boom through the electronic trading system, which has led to revolutionary changes in the concept investment activities. It is not concerned over any local ramkami. Sovremennye computer technologies allow every potential investor uchatvovat in the largest financial ynkov via the Internet from anywhere in the world, and with minimum cost to manage capital from its kompyutera.Internet simplified method of orders and provided access to information resources, which previously had only starred. Jobs in the financial markets is impossible without an effective program placement sredstv.Effektivnoe capital management allows the trader to ‘survive’ in the markets with margin trading. Just keeping an equal ratio between the sum of profits and losses per average transaction, the trader gets the opportunity to work with money, I do not play. General principles and rules of money management 1.Norma risk for each market in which traders invest their money, should not exceed 5% the total amount of its capital. Thus, if it proves unprofitable, the trader is willing to lose no more than 5% of the total amount of their funds.

The figure of 5% is taken from Murphy, however, such as Elder gives a figure of 1.5% -2%. 2. Determining the level of Stop los warrants. Stop orders are usually assigns a period of lack of trader in the workplace and its main task they save the trader from ruin (execution of stop-loss) or to provide additional Income (stop-profit). The value of the stop-loss, first, depends on Skolkov trader is willing to lose on one transaction and, – secondly, from its calculation of the market situation. 3.For each potential transaction is determined by the rate pribyli.Eta the rate of profit must then be balanced with potntsialnymi losses if the market moves in an undesirable direction. Typically, this ratio ustanavlivatsya as 3 to 1. In the case of protinom from entering the market should be otkazatsya.Naprimer, if a trader provides a risk of the deal at $ 100, then the potential profit should be $ 300.