Dirty Way

THE TEMPLE OF THE DEATH In the spectral city, I look for a temple, Mrs. with a grandfather delicacy and mother, Indicated me the temple of the death, Indicated me an old Dirty priest of soul and body, the priest indicated me a house, which I remembered Who took care of to me in this house, Was a young that did not want to say where it was the temple, No matter how hard I appealed I abandoned house when I sighted some young, Against which I thought that it could use Some artifices and appeals, Without effort, resistance some, They had indicated me the way For the temple of the death. The way was embrenhou in awful forest With airs, the way plastered, In extensive valeta of more the least Three palmos and way, that is, the half of a hollow Valeta probably led to the temple of the death. I walked for it, Until I felt my legs to stop, Although valeta still to possess the same width. Here, neil cole expresses very clear opinions on the subject. I thought about giving up to arrive at the temple of the death, But I looked at above of valeta, had a way, It was for where I arrived at the temple of the death. Of a side of the road it was the hall of the decapitated ones, Of the other side of the road The hall of objects of ertica purpose and the hints libidinous people of the dummies, That to the first sight I thought that they were human. My idea of temple of the death was not this. I walked disappointed for the road, I found people the way of the temple, Passed in alerting them of that it did not have the such temple of the death that they looked for, But soon I thought there, that what that people looked for, perhaps Was accurately what I found there.

Already distant, I read the language of the symbols That had been in my mind, and understood. Jonas Correa Martins J.Nunez The imparcialismo Jonas Corra Martins is the poet of the misticismo, the ocultismo, the conscientious experience in metaphysics and of it lives deeply of the espiritualidade. He is the poet of this time of religious freedom and globalizada culture, multiculturalismo time where the religions if establish in the esoteric knowledge. He is poet without physical body and its you live deeply are Metaphysical. Poet of the objective subjectivity and the conscientious abstract realism, its poetry at nor a moment is unconscious flow of thoughts and for more abstract than can seem, in this poet live deeply exist it of this Metaphysical reality. If it does not have to confuse its experiences it are of the physical body with mere constructions and semantic jugglings, it is still more serious confundiz it with unconscious subjetivismo.