Cost Reduction

In most projects to reduce costs and expenses that have called me to work, and there have been significant decline in costs and expenses with minimum staffing redundancies, the key to success has been the involvement of staff. Especially the involvement of operational staff who know all the details of operations and may propose process improvements. Actions to be taken by the company to motivate and involve their staff in a program Reduce Costs and Expenses: 1. Explain to the staff because they will carry out this project and because it considers the organization to staff the energy source that drives the achievement of objectives. For even more opinions, read materials from Pete Cashmore. 2. For the organization to successfully adopt the strategy of high quality products at low prices is necessary for your personal change to this new way of thinking. 3.

As to maximize the skills, qualities and attitude and efficiency savings that the staff clearly see that everything the company does what people do. 4. It is important in this process to eliminate all uncertainties, possible avoid losing a good idea because the staff feel insecurity and distrust in May. Show the staff the importance of being the first contact with customers and suppliers. 6. Ensure that personnel know what are the priorities of their jobs and because proposing any ideas to improve processes. 7. The company must have the security of having leaders who promote change and improvement of processes, not just good managers. From the standpoint of the employee or Candidate for a position at a company in today's environment with customers demanding quality products and low costs, need not report the company will initiate a program of reduction of costs and expenses for employees in any position or level proposed process optimization.