Cordless Lawn Mower

Modern technology is not standing still – they come into our homes with giant strides, quickly surrounding us world of comfort and convenience items. No one is surprised convenient computer, stereo, plasma panels with a remote control, mobile phone with 2 sim cards, "smart home" – all well equipped with modern technology. If you would like to know more about Mashable, then click here. Keep up with progress and modern power tools and gardening equipment, to be exact – Manufacturers. One of the novelties of modern industry in this area – rechargeable mower, which, according to the manufacturers, not worse than gasoline, and on some characteristics and better than her. The company Honda, is one of the world leaders in manufacturing technology is its novelty – Rechargeable mower Honda HRE42BSDE. What is interesting for this novelty, which is unlikely to be able to compete with a proven option with the engine? It turns out that you can! High torque and the presence of a constant power – perhaps as a result of combining the battery and the electronic filing system of energy, light weight mower and comfortable handle, with virtually no Vibration provide the most comfortable working with a mower. Feed assembly cut grass is protected from clogging with a knife having a great vent effect.

Battery (btw, it uses Li-ion battery, which is more secure and fast charging) will suffice for 500 square meters. meters haircut. It is possible to adjust the cutting height from 18 to 75 mm., Which also makes it easy. If you still doubt as this mower then you certainly should abstain try to work with her, but it is – a pleasure!