Competitive Advantage

Taking this in consideration, we will arrive to have a comparative or competitive advantage in relation to our competitors, therefore together with the importance of the Services in the economy, the Logistic one gains each time plus a prominence where one of the missions of the logistic one is to measure and to diminish the costs and to increase the profits. Derivative in concepts that are come back to the planning and the strategy, lined up with focus in the customer with well defined lines in the structure, processes functions where the administrators and controlling must know to deal with the operations of its company to get resulted positive and productive, knowing to use the people, technology generating resulted. Then we have that to analyze and to project the concept of services with processes and well managed operations, to arrive where we intend, inside of the considered objectives. Figure 1: Project of Services, Lovelock and Wright. As if it verifies, the activities must well be delineated, combining the administration procedures and services, to analyze and to evaluate the carried through efforts to project the concept of services with processes and operations managed and come back toward strategy and logistic composition well however, globally combine the sectors and process becoming the efficient and efficient context inside of the logistic purpose. With a level of well distributed service, balanced and competitive, therefore as &#039 said Napoleo Bonaparte; ' In the strategy, decisive he is aplicao' '. According to Ballou (1994, P. 23), efficient administration of the logistic one complements the effort of marketing of the company, providing an efficient aiming of the product to the customer and placing the product in place certain at the certain moment. Thus, the logistic one represents abutment in the satisfaction of the customers of the company and in the profit of the company leading to an advantage in the market.