Comparing Traditional Societies

In addition to the above were also obtained the following conclusions: 1) There are still large differences between people as assets and traditional assets such as financial and technological, 2) understanding the differences between components fundamental demands a totally different way of thinking and working and involves a change in mental models of organizational leadership: 3) The execution and implementation of corporate strategies to be successful must be managed through people and

4) secure a personal strategic vision calls for the introduction of a process of ongoing dialogue and reflection on all organizational levels. Advantages of knowing the extent manage that management identifies the scope and positive impact arising from the proper management of human capital is achieved: Make more efficient systems and human resources processes to reduce costs, making improvements to the recruitment and selection process of staff. Improve productivity, as with good human resource management boosts operating performance due to improvements in the provision of staff. Align personal goals and objectives to drive business performance, encouraging and stimulating the involvement of employees in company creating improvements in the organizational culture. Ensure the company’s position within the market as a rich human capital undoubtedly create value, though intangible but highly valued the company.

Also in the current era, technology and information are available to all companies, so the only competitive advantage that can differentiate one company from another is the particular abilities that people have within the organization. Conclusions To the extent that management identifies with the importance of knowing how to properly handle the human capital and to provide care, assistance in their achievement, the results will be favorable to the company and may reach the full satisfaction of the needs of the organization and human capital, achieving shared productivity and the welfare of both, coupled as also indicated to comply with real responsibility and mission of the company as assist in its development and scope of its purposes through the use Proper human resource, l providing training, motivation, team building in order to stimulate creative leadership, excellence and innovation to the global market demand.