Clean Code

Relevant key phrases in the text of each page to position. After having a list of key phrases that you will eventually position it is necessary to develop some pages containing in the text, these phrases. It is preferable to position a sentence per page, so it is easier to achieve results. Therefore, the positioning service you hire should be willing to do the job they themselves have created some pages to be positioned. Course this would not be necessary if your pages were well designed in terms of their content. 3. Good amount of content.

Clients sometimes ask us to position a page alone, that is, not a full website. Sites with one or two pages are not the best option if we are in a very competitive item. In this case the quantity-and quality-of content plays an important role for a good position. Ideal positioning service is one that, weekly, to include new content on your website. That is very well regarded by Google, arguably the most important Internet search engine. 4.

Clean Code. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. Having pages with clean code makes the search engines 'easier' task. A search engine optimization company considerably reduces the flamboyant design and nothing brings to the search engines and will focus mainly on the content (text) of the pages to positioning. Of course the presentation is important, but fundamentally well positioned are the texts. So it task of the combined company the visitor a nice design and search engine robots. 5. Updating. What we talked in the previous point: to be continuously updating a web site offers excellent benefits in search engine rankings.