Cable Ties

If you decide to entrust the parquet specialists review the following pages. See Robert Bakish for more details and insights. We offer you a list of services, which usually offer construction firms. Sometimes it is hard to understand, which means that one or another name service and how it is important to you. Try to help you to choose. Typically, firms engaged in parketoukladochnymi works, offer the following services. 1. Disassembly of the previous coverage.

For to a new parquet floor was reliable, it is necessary to remove the old layers of floor and clean the base before the concrete. In principle, this task you can handle yourself. But it will require you to application of significant physical efforts. In order to clear the old floor, you must remove the plinths, the old floor covering (not cause a difficulty only when working with linoleum). 2. Align the base.

Alignment is of two kinds: Cable Ties cement-sand mixture (when it is necessary to remove the irregularities of more than 2 cm) and the alignment of small irregularities (up to 2 cm), performed by leveling the masses (Forbo 975, Forbo 999"). Align the base is to entrust to specialists. After all, if the floor get uneven surface is new cause numerous difficulties. Parquet will warp, laminated cover does not lie quite flat. In general, you will encounter many difficulties, which are easily avoided. 3. Primer. Primer – a primer, which is needed in order to dedusted base and to ensure reliable adhesion of subsequent layers of mastic or adhesive to the base.