Backpacker Network Germany

Opinion of the backpacker network Germany e.V. to the press release of the SPD parliamentary group of 01.07.2011 titled youth hostels of the youth hostel to the hostels of the backpacker network Germany e.V. is the opinion of the SPD Bundestag group neither logical nor transparent. Of course the youth hostels of the youth hostel not benefit from the reduction of the VAT rate for commercial establishments, because the houses of the DJH free have always been from this tax. To complain now about equality introduced municipal taxes is more than bold. Established since the early of 1990s commercial competition in the segment of youth tourism is heavily distorted by tax subsidies for the youth hostels of the youth hostel. The hostels of the youth hostel shift its lodging business continues in the direction of commercial establishments such as hotels and hostels. As currently reported the meeting and seminar groups, as well as the family nights with over 30% contribute in Bavarian DJH houses to the load.

Families and couples are increasingly to the Guest group, in which the age doesn’t matter. Like the Youth Hostel accommodates these guests and a missing member ID card will be replaced by a day membership. According to the backpacker network e.V., this is not the purpose of the youth hostel itself has given. The DJH withdraws from the width is already for a long time. Houses are closed in rural locations, which are unprofitable, in favor of projects in major cities. As an example that can be the houses Pathpoint Cologne and in planning new hostel in Berlin/Friedrichshain observed.

The backpacker network Germany e.V. looks at the promotion no longer up-to-date, as the DJH increasingly intervene contrary to its own statute in the commercial accommodation market and calls on policymakers to act. It finally to ensure tax equality in this market environment, and to withdraw the status of the sales and business taxes the DJH would make sense. Board of Directors of the backpacker network Germany e.V. Holger Siefert Cathrin Essbach Sven Geier contact: backpacker network Germany e.