However the interesting one of this is not the affirmation, but the meaning and the consequencias of this reality. Perhaps one of the first and more significant implications of this world is the fact of, each time more, terms the impression of that the distances and the borders, so great and before rigid, today almost that they had been erased. The borders, in fact continue to exist, but they had almost started to be that only a stipulated formality, therefore with the advance of the potentiality they leave to exist as we can evidence in the economic transactions; moreover, she transits yourself for the world with the passport of the potentiality. In virtue of this distances if not only shorten for the access easiness, but because all that is distant can be had access becoming a virtual presence. The infovirtual universe creates and recria, approaches extremities, escancara the privacy.

Nothing more it is distant, everything happens inside of our homes; birth, life and death occur in our room: in the screen of the TV or the computer. To use the words of Fonseca (2010, P. 129) ‘ ‘ The world is inside of our houses, in the different localities. Our daily one is perpassado by the things of mundo’ ‘ Another conquencia of the innovations that facilitate our lives is the fact of that in the hardwired, infovirtual world, already it does not have more space for the privacy. Chambers and devices of listening perscrutam each sing of our lives, with as much exactness and trifling detail, that we have the impression of already not fitting more in the world.