All design school that boasts is forming professionals focused on a future that is becoming increasingly more present and where the two inseparable dimensions, which accompany us from drawings of prehistoric men of Altamira, they give way to modeling in 3 dimensions of new figures. This new technique of design, which is generated by computer, not only serves to entertain the little ones with more realistic drawings, has other important outputs as a designer of interiors or information. Why the centers devoted to the training of designers must have a 3d course when not a master. First steps of these workshops should focus directly on the modeling of the characters. Unlike the drawing hand where there are only two axes of drawing, the software dedicated to this type of design you force may need to look into three planes that are built. This part would be centered above all for people who need to make drawings, logos, or static icons in their work. For example, a cartoonist of the plane of a public building.

Already more advanced can begin to dominate the fourth dimension, which is more complicated: the time. Once the 3d courses teach us to draw what we want we must learn to make that they move. Somewhat more complex basante and is ideal to learn it in a master 3d, where we have more time. Professions that need mastering 3d Animation are both websites designers as creators of tutorials and information and now yes, the creators of the dreams of children: cartoon animators.