Throat, we usually refer to the throat. Inflammation of the tonsils – angina – the most common disease of the throat. Tonsils are caught as locators that, because of what could screw up your nose. Sooner or later the person brings haughtiness, which does not allow the mind to seek sobriety. What people consider themselves smarter, the more he fire himself and his more serious angina.

He, or his child. It is very difficult to trace the doctor all the way the disease as a child and an adult. There are several reasons. First, once the doctor to seek spiritual conversation and candid patient here, and a psychologist is not always cope. Because, secondly, people are not eager to admit their own mistakes and is afraid that it will be something to blame.

Moreover, the prosecution sees everything. More info: Sony. From fear. That's honestly say that 'the wind blew', someone nearby sneezed, or can not remember and do not know where What is sick. Let's take a specific example to try to find out – where 'dog-bolyaka buried'. Angina Remember the day before the flu, when your child gets sick of it. A few days praising him you, but I suddenly found that he was somewhat at fault. Your resentment spilled on the child in the form of charges. Joyful expression on his face faded, replaced by alienation. You did not pay attention to it, for in-righteous anger betrayed the joyous little lies, floated a child out of a desire to look better and the fear of confession.