Aixtron Technology

Thickness of the grown layers are measured and controlled within the range of tens of angstroms to several microns. Different layers must be doped, the donors or acceptors, to create pn-junction with a large concentration of electrons in the n-type region and holes – in the p-type region. In one process, which lasts several hours, the structure can be grown on 6 – 12 substrates of 50 – 75 mm. It is very important to ensure and monitor homogeneity of the structures on the surface of the substrate. The cost of facilities for epitaxial growth of semiconductor nitride, developed in Europe (the company Aixtron and Thomas Swan) and the U.S. (Emcore), about 1,5 – 2 million dollars. Experience of different companies showed that learn to get to this setup, the competitive structure with the necessary parameters can be a time of one to three years. This is – technology that requires high culture. An important step in technology is the planar Processing of films: their etching, creating contacts to n-and p-layers, the coating metal films for the pins. Film grown on a substrate can be cut by a few thousand chips ranging in size from 0,24 x0, 24 and 1×1 mm2. The next step is the creation of these led chips. Necessary to mount the crystal in the case, make contact conclusions, make optical coating, antireflective surface for the extraction of radiation or reflecting it. If it is a white light-emitting diodes, it is necessary to evenly phosphor. We must ensure that heat from the crystal and the corps, to make a plastic dome, focusing the radiation in the desired solid angle.