Advisor Product

Recommendations and suggestions for selecting a product one just beforehand. Here you will not find even the best and most ideal suitable PKV. Even though magazines, tests and supposed advisers want to sell you the greatest of all products, not there just now and that’s understandable. I also like to why explain: the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) is, other than the statutory health insurance (GKV) almost completely free. You can select services, decide for or against service components, and find that the appropriate product for you.

You can naturopaths, dentures and Brillenleistungenab – or to select, you can decide whether you want to be in a single or twin room and would be handled by the Chief doctor. These are all but no criteria that are appropriate to select a lifelong product. Oh, you now might think then but my Advisor asked me. I hope it’s not the only questions were, because then he had this so hard that for sound no idea of what narrated. Were also asked to planned abroad, targeted Behandlung(smoglichkeit) abroad, mixed institutions, doctor fees, transport costs, foodstuffs or medicinal and tools? If not check or change your advisor.

To buy the “pig in a poke”, otherwise quickly. The major disadvantage, however, does that also elementary and today not to glaring gaps in insurance protection can arise. This happens firstly by the fact that you the costs relating to individual performance can be completely unaware how do also. On the other hand is the car more than the “we pay all” product represented and there are not really many advisers who tell you what is not included in the insurance cover. That is bad but because you slip it in the worst case in a financial hole and that if a change is not possible. Therefore following principles: questions, questions, Fragen…fragen them all after, what you do not understand where you are unsure or you cannot estimate the size You can control more extensive criteria and select carefully. (Link of criteria and questionnaire) Cannot be under time pressure. Of course there are dates and deadlines that you must keep, also the statutory health insurance is tied to certain periods of notice how private health insurance but a decision under time pressure is auch-always negative if you are not sure whether the recommendation is correct, ask you a second Advisor to make sure that the consultant is qualified and can explain insured services based on the specific conditions or excluded are not on brochures leaving, flowery statements or similar, but fight the conditions (even if it is difficult) you will see if you consider this advice and is enough time entities, so will lead it to the appropriate product and life give them an appropriate supply.