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To the stress of Christmas shopping for his customers still continue to reduce, not only already opens the Pixum Christmas market on November 1. On the basis of the calendar of events on the Christmas Web page is quickly and easily seen, when an order must be made so that the selected photo gift is also guaranteed on the 24th of December under the Christmas tree. Join & Win who holds virtual Christmas stroll on the big Xmas raffle and makes, also has the chance to win a snappy Fiat 500 worth of about 13,000 euros, a high-quality digital SLR camera or a many Pixum photo book vouchers worth 7.95 euros each. Our loyal users something to offer, whether many coupon promotions, sweepstakes, information about the digital image, Expert chats in our customer blog, up to latest technologies for the image uploading or managing and sharing photos Pixum is more than a mere order page on the Internet. Pixum accompanied the Visual memories of our end users in all phases of life with confidence. For the best our mission is to stand out of digital photos”” Dirk Schmitz (head of marketing & operations) summarizes the philosophy of pan-European services of Pixum. Photos & posters in professional quality ( fotoservice.html) at Pixum photo books ( Fotobuch.html) gift ideas ( photo Geschenke.html) photos easy, fast & cheap ( photos entwickeln.html) Pixum blog ( Switzerland Austria Belgium German English Francais Nederlands Italiano Espanol Portugues Dansk about Pixum Pixum ( belongs to the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes high-quality, professionally bound photo books, photo calendars, a wide selection of photo gifts, posters, canvas prints, and of course classic photo prints.

Pixum prints and illuminated only on high-quality materials using most modern and environmentally friendly printing technologies. More free Services are the online storage of images (up to 1 GB free), as well as extensive Web applications around the digital photo. With over 40 tests through journals, magazines and consumer protection organisations Pixum with the average grade of 1.9 was ranked top. Under, Pixum offers all services in the languages English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German and supplies customers all over Europe. “Pixum is certified trusted shop member and was in October 2007 by Deloitte Technology, the magazine capital, the German stock market and the DVFA the Fast 50 Award” awarded the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany.

Styrofoam Foam

Eteplenie foam walls in buildings use foam inside the wall insulation and outside. From the outside penopolistirolbetonnye blocks can be glued with cement mortar, glue, putty, and can be attached using special mounting brackets. It is important to protect the foam from a possible effects of fire. For this purpose, non-combustible materials used: stucco, aluminum, brick. On the inside of the foam not only performs the function of the heat-insulating, but also absorbs sound.

The only condition for finishing interior walls styrofoam – boards must be protected from fire, this is achieved using drywall. The best option is to install plastic foam slabs 40 mm thick on the surface of the inner part of the wall, and the need to leave a small gap between the slab and the outside of the wall. It is also possible to attach polystyrene plates directly on the walls – external or internal. In this case, encouraged to take plate thickness of 30 mm for the inner surface and 50 mm – to the outside. For their attachment used mechanical devices or adhesives adhesives. Run facing fixed plates necessary in both cases.

If the insulation is made using a styrofoam on the inside – enough to cover the plate with plaster or gypsum board sheathing leaf. If the wall is insulated from the outside – have plastered with cement mortar, which should be applied to a metal grid. The foam insulation to insulate the floor to floor with Styrofoam, enough plates 5 cm thick foam is good because it gives opportunity with a warm floor to get a serious shock absorption noise. To perform the insulation, you must first put a layer of material having insulating properties, from above – from foam board, then seal seams and formed to lay wood-tongued slab, concrete or sand-cement mixture 6 cm foam for thermal insulation of the roof is very effective for the use of Styrofoam insulating the roof.

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When moving, you can simply remove the technique and reinstall. Wireless alarm systems get along with a minimal number of cables for electricity and the telephone. Transmitters also help the operation of alarm systems, with a single push of a button a or be switched off. That is not only practical but also protected by protected signals. GoPro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Question: Are wireless alarm systems easy to use? Answer: Our systems the ABS alarm systems AG in miles are simply on or turn off key switch, code keypad or display with user guidance. Question: What are the security risks are wireless alarm systems available for? Answer: The three areas in which our systems the ABS alarm are are used in case of a burglary, a fire, or a disorder, such as for example the water intrusion or failure of the heating. The respective security systems recognize the risk and report it to the appropriate Office.

Generally, every man for himself must assess how much he invested in his safety and what comfort he wishes for it. A personal consultation by a specialist before you sign up for a system Decides, we absolutely recommend. A combination of mechanical and electronic security systems is useful in every case,”assured ABS alarm finally Remo cellar. Company Description: The ABS Group comprises three companies. In addition to the ABS Sicherheitstechnik AG, the ABS Kobler alarm AG and the ABS alarm systems AG the company has become over the last 30 years the specialists for safety technology. The goal is to provide a solid and convincing security concept the customers, consisting of from electronic and mechanical safety devices. Company contact: ABS alarm systems AG Kirchgasse 65 CH 8706 miles Tel: 044 923 53 50 fax 52-721 43 14 mail: Internet: press contact: ABS alarm systems AG Mr. Remo cellar Kirchgasse 65 CH 8706 miles Tel: 044 923 53 50 fax 52 721 43 14 E-mail: Internet: