Camera Zoom

Allow me to clarify which is similar and what makes them different. Optical zoom is the zoom real digital cameras are having. These are a property of the camera lens instead of being the property of a camera body. By the same author: Sony. With optical zoom, motors inside the camera lens actually moves inside and outside to offer required increased.Digital zoom instead is a function that is not necessary for a user of a camera (learn artistic photography). Digital zoom is a feature of the camera rather than they are owned by a camera lens. What is it that makes digital zoom? simply enlarges the pixels in the photo that you are browsing through your LCD panel of the camera. Visit altavista for more clarity on the issue. In fact, not do any capture. But it only makes you feel that you are closer to the subject.

However, you get a picture quality pixelated low if you use digital zoom, while the shots you do. Having said this, while you buy your first digital camera, always check how much optical zoom you are offering. Forget the digital zoom. That does not It has importance. As I have already mentioned, optical zoom in fact requires the precise addition of motors in the lens, the camera which gives greater optical zoom photomask tend to be more expensive. The myth of the megapixel if I have more megapixels than you, am more powerful!, false, the myth of megapixels (unfortunately) has prevailed for years in the market of digital cameras. And in fact, the camera manufacturers have exploited this myth among the people for the sale and marketing of their cameras. People fall into the myth of the megapixel of the camera very easily due to the lack of knowledge about what exactly the number of megapixels, making the quality of your photographs (study of artistic photography). This is the painful truth:-firstly, the increase in megapixels doesn’t mean that the camera is better.