Internet Security

Of course, before any cleaning need to create backup system in case you lose important when cleaning the keys. This will help you two reliable and easy to manage the program – Erunt and Registry System Wizard. Myth 2. Poisoned computer. Ali Partovi often says this. Infection after 5 minutes in the network. Snow White it was enough to one and only time to bite the apple to fall down dead. And you've heard the assertion: 'Windows will catch just as quickly if the computer is connected to the Internet, but will not be protected by special programs'. Is your PC really is doomed to die as a result of a short connection to the Internet without protection? No! It is also just a fairy tale, which is regularly tell testers antivirus.

Because tests Security recreate an unreal scenario in most cases, completely naked, they attack the system, which went on sale eight years ago and has never had an extensive Service Pack 2. But since 2004, the system can not be sold without this an important package, which has an improved firewall and security center. Now worms like sasser no chance to find on the Web and infect at least one computer. Thus, owners of modern systems do not panic fear. Just now the criminals specialize in other areas – holes in browsers and multimedia applications. That is, regular updates and antivirus software are required equipment for your computer. Best choice may be, for example, the full version F-Secure Internet Security 2008. Myth 3.